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Neo Magnets Co.Ltd was established in 2019 as a small trading company, operating independently from the factory’s trade department.

Although we have a factory background, we are an independent accounting trading company. This allows us to utilize our factory’s resources to serve our customers while also having the freedom to source from the market if our factory’s quotation is not advantageous.

Neo Magnets Factory View

Product Positioning

To ensure top-notch products and service for all our customers, we only offer magnet products in which we have a competitive edge.


We only focus on the sales of NdFeB (tiny magnets, big magnet, high grade)

Magnetic Assembly

Our primary sales targets are OEM motors, magnetic couplings, and small-rotor wind turbines.

Core Competence

High-level knowledge of magnetic fields and superior metal-processing skills are our main competencies.

History (Factory)

Initially, our factory produced NdFeB magnets. However, due to increasing competition, our shareholders shifted towards magnetic assembly instead of high-performance magnet production like other large enterprises. While this was a challenging decision, we believe it was right. Our focus is now on magnetic assembly, which has proven successful in both the Chinese and international markets. Fortunately, despite the lack of companies specializing in magnetic components, we made it through. We owe our success to our dedicated scientific research team and loyal customers.

R&D Team (Factory)

Our research and development team consists of experienced engineers with academic backgrounds in magnetics and extensive experience in designing, assembling, and simulating magnetic components.

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