PTFE Coating For Magnets

Enhance the functionality and longevity of your magnetic products with our industry-leading PTFE Coating for Magnets. This superior, non-stick, low-friction coating is ideal for applications requiring high resistance to heat, chemicals, and electrical conductivity, such as in the food processing, laboratory equipment, and automotive industries. Our PTFE Coating ensures that your magnets operate seamlessly in various conditions while maintaining their magnetic strength. It also provides a smooth, clean surface that is easy to maintain. Choose our PTFE Coating services for a magnetic solution that delivers performance, reliability, and quality.

PTFE covering is called Teflon or Polytetrafluoroethylene (the “King of Plastics”). Roy Plunkett found it as a synthetic fluoropolymer.

Teflon is a fluorocarbon-based polymer with a high concentration of carbon-fluorine links. This property makes it highly resistant to a wide range of substances. Teflon is best known to most regular consumers for its frequent application on nonstick pans and other cookware.

Teflon coatings are extensively used in containers and piping systems for reactive or corrosive substances due to the strength of the carbon-fluorine bonds.


Advantages Of PTFE-Coated Neodymium Magnets

PTFE Is Non-Stick

As a result, it can make PTFE-coated magnets easier to clean and reduce the likelihood of contaminants accumulating on their surfaces. If keeping the magnets clean is essential, this coating is a good option.

Low Coefficient Of Friction

The measure of friction of PTFE coating is less than 0.1, placing it second only to diamond. This is an important feature to consider if your application requires the magnets to be smooth to some degree.

Water Resistance

Water and other substances will be kept away from the surfaces of neodymium magnets with a PTFE coating. Even during production, it is difficult for them to become contaminated by different solutions, including machine lubricants. If there is dirt on their surface, clear it with a gentle swiping motion.

PTFE Coating

Temperature Resistance

PTFE coatings can function correctly in various temps, typically up to 240 °C – 260 °C. This is significantly greater than the operating temps of neodymium magnets. It will be a perfect option if your products are subjected to extreme temperatures.

Wear Resistance

A PTFE-coated surface will have exceptional abrasion and fatigue protection. Consider how many times you will use nonstick equipment to prepare meals. The nonstick covering will last for many years. Contemplate this coating if covering longevity is critical for your uses.

Chemical Resistance

At first look, some other kinds of covering fully conceal the neodymium magnets inside. However, this is not strictly correct. For example, in the natural rubber covering, very tiny pinholes are not apparent to the unaided eye. As a result, neodymium magnets will degrade at a quicker rate.
This is not a problem with Teflon covering. Because it lacks pinholes, it has much better resilience to acid and alkaline contaminants. As a result, the neodymium magnets inside will have an extended lifespan.

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