Halbach Cylinder Arrays

Harness the potential of Halbach Cylinder Arrays for focused field intensity and efficiency in technology like particle accelerators and brushless motors. Experience increased performance with reduced magnetic leakage, optimal for precision instrumentation and energy applications. Utilize the distinct design of Halbach Cylinders to achieve advanced magnetic solutions in contemporary engineering and research.

Halbach Cylinder Arrays

Halbach Cylinders: Tailored for Your Design

Circular 3D magnetic fields can increase stability and create equal forces.

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Distinct Advantages of 360° Magnetic Fields

Halbach cylinders produce uniform three-dimensional magnetic fields within their cylindrical volume.

The circular shape and continuous ring-shaped array of oriented magnets create a magnetic field surrounding the central aperture in all dimensions.

This is due to the substantially increased dynamic stability resulting from balanced forces in every direction along each radial axis and the lateral centering effect around the circumference.

Objects within a Halbach cylinder experience omnidirectional lift and guidance to the central position.

The field geometry’s symmetry and persistence throughout 360° allow for multidirectional control over the position and motion of elements interacting with the field in the interior region.

Optimized Levitation Stability

The uniform magnetic field surrounding the inner circumference of the Halbach cylinder provides dynamic stability in all lateral directions, centering levitated objects within the cylinder volume. In contrast, flat or linear Halbach arrays typically only yield stability along a single vertical axis.

Central Aperture Access to 3D Magnetic Field

The Halbach cylinder’s open center provides direct access to the three-dimensional magnetic field generated within its internal volume. This feature enables applications such as particle accelerators and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), where the magnetic field must interact with the central aperture.

Compact Enclosure of a High-Density Magnetic Field

The cylindrical shape confines and concentrates the magnetic field within its curved walls, enclosing a strong three-dimensional field within a compact volume. This results in a higher energy and power density than could be achieved with a flat or linear array of the same weight or magnetic material volume.

Multi-Axis Precision Positioning Control

The Halbach cylinder’s symmetric and multidirectional magnetic field gradient enables precise and complex positioning and trajectories with multiple degrees of freedom. Objects interacting with the field can be guided in 3D space with six degrees of freedom, instead of being limited to a single axis or plane.

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