Custom Neodymium Magnets

Neo Magnets stands as a distinguished custom Neodymium Magnets wholesale manufacturer in the industry, accomplished in delivering unique solutions that align perfectly with clients’ individual needs. We focus on quality and innovation, ensuring that every magnet we produce demonstrates best-in-class performance and reliability.

Bespoke Neodymium Magnets made to your specifications. We provide neodymium magnets in various grades and bespoke forms, sizes, and coatings. We have the equipment, technical experience, and skilled employees to produce bespoke neodymium magnets and magnetic assemblies to your specifications.

Custom Neodymium Magnet Shapes List

disc magnet

Custom Neodymium Magnet Specifications


The neodymium magnet is measured in millimeters. Typical shapes in various grades include discs, blocks, rings, and torus. Drawings must be used to designate non-standard forms.

Neodymium Magnet Coating/ Plating:

Since neodymium magnets are prone to oxidation, a coating is required. Osenc can coat your unique neodymium magnets with various materials such as Ni, Zn, Epoxy coatings, Parylnee, and others.

Neodymium Magnet Working Temperature:

Neodymium magnets are temperature sensitive. Suppose the neodymium magnet will be exposed to temperatures over about 80°C. Customers should be carefully considering the magnet grade and the magnetic circuit.

Magnetizing Direction:

A magnet will attract most efficiently when one of its poles is in contact with the magnetic surface to which it is to adhere. As a result, an axially magnetized magnet works best when one of the flat sides is in contact with the character. Simply because this sort of magnet functions best when its flat face is in contact with a surface

Request Samples:

Creating a sample is the first step in creating a bespoke neodymium magnet. Because, in most circumstances, the customer’s design does not satisfy their requirements. Before mass manufacturing, we propose testing a sample magnet to ensure its magnetic qualities.

Benefits Of Custom Neodymium Magnets

Choosing custom neodymium magnets equates to a decision of incredible advantage. How so?
  1. Unparalleled Magnetic Strength: In permanent magnets, neodymium stands unbeaten. These miraculous devices provide powerful magnetic force, offering top-tier performance in various applications.
  2. Unmatched Versatility: We understand that one size doesn’t fit all. With custom neodymium magnets, your imaginations translate into reality. Need obscure shapes or sizes? We’ve got you covered! From minute dimensions to massive forms, these magnets adapt effortlessly to your project’s needs, making them a perfect fit for various industries.
  3. Extreme Durability: Neodymium Magnets are not just strong; they’re resilient. These titans can resist corrosion with an appropriate protective coating, ensuring their longevity and consistent performance over time.
  4. High Temperature Resistance: These magnets can function in high-temperature conditions, making them suitable for challenging industrial environments.
  5. Eco-Friendly Manufacturing: NeoMagnets adheres to a commitment to the environment. Manufacturing our custom neodymium magnets is environmentally responsible, minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency.
The power of a custom neodymium magnet in your hand amplifies your innovation, powers your devices, and assists in creating a sustainable future. Step into the world of custom neodymium magnets and experience benefits that leave standard off-the-shelf products behind.

Custom Neodymium Magnets Applications

Medical Equipment

Custom neodymium magnets are vital in modern healthcare, empowering life-saving devices. They facilitate MRI machine operation, enhance surgical instruments, and power other diagnostic tools. Our magnets enable precision and reliability, cornerstones of medical technology.

Automotive Industry

The automotive world runs on magnets! From electric motors and sensors to actuators, the formidable force of custom neodymium magnets drives innovation in the car industry. Improving performance, reducing emissions, enabling green transport – all these and more are made possible with our custom magnets.


Have you ever wondered what brings music to your headphones or memory to your hard disk drives? Custom neodymium magnets play the starring role. Their extreme magnetic strength, compact size, and resilience against environmental changes make them a staple in electronics, optimizing your daily gadgets for an efficient lifestyle.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy, such as wind turbines, solar panels, and hydropower generators, thrives on the power of magnets. Custom neodymium magnets are central to converting natural resources into usable energy, aiding the journey toward a greener, sustainable future.

Custom Neodymium Magnets Manufacturing Process

Got a design in mind? From ideation to fruition, here’s how your idea travels through the stages of our state-of-art manufacturing process:


  1. Blueprinting Your Design: The journey begins with your vision — your custom neodymium magnet’s shape, size, and specification. We breathe life into your idea using advanced CAD software, creating a meticulous blueprint elucidating your magnet’s structure and dimensions.
  2. Master Material Selection: Once your design is ready, it’s time to select the neodymium grade that best suits your magnet’s purpose. With an array of grades to choose from, each varying in magnetic strength and temperature resistance, we ensure your magnet is optimally powered for your needs.
  3. Crafting Masterpieces: It’s time to bring your design to life. Employing precise cutting tools, we carve your magnet from the chosen neodymium grade, ensuring absolute perfection in shape and size according to your specifications.
  4. Fortifying Your Magnet: As tough as neodymium is, it fears corrosion. But fear not! We give your magnet the perfect armor in the form of a protective coating, resistant to rust and ready to combat environmental adversities.
  5. Quality Inspection and Delivery: We conduct rigorous quality inspections Before sending your custom magnet to its new home. We ensure you get only the best, meticulously tested, and ready to excel in its new mission.
So, are you ready to roll out your custom neodymium magnet project? Rest assured, we’re with you in each high-precision step of the way, turning your vision into a tangible, powerful reality.

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