Büyük Halbach Dizileri

Leverage Large Halbach Arrays for powerful, uniform magnetic fields in industrial settings, optimizing magnetic levitation and imaging systems and achieving superior performance with streamlined design and energy usage in large-scale applications.

Büyük Halbach Dizileri

Large Halbach Arrays: Strong Magnetic Pull Force

Contact us if you need a supplier capable of building strong, uniform magnetic fields that cover large flat surfaces up to 2 meters wide. We offer custom large Halbach arrays that are tailored to your magnetic specifications and spatial coverage needs on a large scale. Let us help you overcome size engineering obstacles.

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Scaled to Vast Proportions and Purposed for Separation and Filtration at Scale

This technology is suitable for large-scale industrial separation and filtration across a wide range of applications, including mineral
extraction and processing, waste management and contaminant removal in high-volume facilities, agricultural harvesting and post-harvesting on a large scale, and any process that requires magnetism for separation at extreme dimensions.

Extensible to Maximum Scales

Flat Halbach arrays produce a precisely uniform 2D magnetic field distributed over expansive surface areas through incremental enlargement. Their planar design, consisting of grid-aligned magnets, can be modularly extended to any required dimensions by systematically adding individual magnets, achieving controlled field coverage across spaces far exceeding alternatives. A flat, unchanging form provides inherent structural stability even when scaled to prodigious sizes, where other options would be fragile or unstable.

Flat Halbach arrays of outsized proportions are optimized for gargantuan industrial separation and filtration applications that are impossible through standard means. These arrays offer vast 2D field control and distribution, enabling oversized separation solutions that can be customized to any magnitude. The vast coverage range provides a significant separation capacity where typical designs fall short. The large scale enables extensive application suitability that would otherwise be impossible.

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