Lineaire Halbach-arrays

Optimize magnetic field lines with Linear Halbach Arrays to intensify and direct magnetic energy, yielding increased efficiency in linear motion and energy transfer applications, benefiting transportation, scientific instrumentation, and energy generation industries.

Lineaire Halbach-arrays

Linear Halbach Arrays: Custom Designs Made to Order

Custom linear Halbach arrays provide focused magnetic fields directed precisely where needed, tailored to magnetic orientation and pull force specifications. They are ideal for applications requiring strong field directionality.

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Magnetism along A Single Axis

Linear Halbach arrays provide a unique combination of precisely tailored magnetic fields, minimized stray radiation, and highly versatile form factors optimized for applications requiring a unidirectional field geometry along a single axis. Their strictly linear design produces magnetic fields that can be closely customized for the target use while suppressing emission in all other directions.

Linear Halbach arrays offer unique capabilities not matched by planar or cylindrical Halbach arrays. They can be configured and applied in various ways, from materials conveyance to particle beam steering and plasma confinement. Their focused approach ensures maximum utilization of generated field energy where it is needed most. Linear Halbach arrays are ideal for applications that require directed and optimized magnetic fields in one dimension.

Strictly Unidirectional Magnetic Field Geometry

Linear Halbach arrays are designed to produce a strong magnetic field focused only along their major axis while suppressing the field in all other directions. This one-dimensional field geometry is distinct from the two-dimensional fields of flat arrays or the three-dimensional fields of cylinders.

Optimized Solely for Applications Requiring Linear Fields

Linear arrays have a strictly unidirectional magnetic field ideal for applications requiring a precisely oriented, extremely uniform field along a straight line. These applications include magnetic conveyors, actuators, and plasma confinement systems. Linear geometry cannot be achieved with flat or cylindrical Halbach array designs.

Precisely Customized Field Properties

Magnet parameters can be selected to closely tailor properties such as peak field intensity, gradient, and uniformity to match application specifications. Unlike the static or non-directed multidirectional fields of flat and cylindrical arrays, the unidirectional field can be optimized.

Negligible Magnetic Fields Transverse to the Primary Axis

Linear Halbach arrays are designed to align the magnetic fields of magnets in the target direction, resulting in minimal stray fields perpendicular to the intended orientation. This eliminates interference that would be present with multidirectional fields of flat and cylindrical designs.

Highly Adaptable Form Factors and Configurations

Linear arrays can be designed in various sizes, shapes, and alignments to meet application constraints. Magnets can be oriented to generate unidirectional fields in any desired direction. Their flexible configurations offer more versatility than other geometries’ fixed planar and cylindrical structures.

Maximum Utilization of Generated Magnetic Field

The unidirectional field focuses nearly all emitted energy on the required application, requiring lower material and power demands to achieve equivalent field strengths compared to non-directed multidirectional fields of flat and cylindrical arrays that radiate energy in all directions.

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