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Mihin rengasmagneetteja käytetään? 6 tärkeää sovellusta

Rengasmagneetteja, jotka ovat erittäin kysyttyjä nykypäivän teknisesti kehittyneillä markkinoilla, on saatavana eri kokoisina, muotoisina ja eri materiaaleista, kuten neodyymistä, ferriitistä ja samariumista. Tuotantokeskuksemme on erikoistunut valmistamaan neodyymirengasmagneetteja eri laatuluokissa - N, H, M ja SH - ja käyttää erilaisia pinnoitteita joustavuuden ja toimivuuden lisäämiseksi.

rengas magneetit kuva

Ring Magnets With A Hole

Ring magnets are circular magnets with a hollow center. There are two shapes available in the market for the hollow center:

Normal Hole

Embedded in the design of a standard ring magnet is the simplicity of a disc with a strategically drilled concentric void. These standard hollow-center magnets are incredibly versatile, with some scale to significant sizes, such as an outer diameter of 250mm contrasted by an inner diameter of 200mm. Smaller variants find their place in headphones, while larger ones are integral in speaker systems and the evolving niche of wall-climbing robotics.

countersunk ring magnet


The countersunk neodymium magnet reveals a dual-characteristic design: one face mirrors a traditional ring magnet, while the opposite face angles to form a countersunk recess, typically at a 90-degree incline, ready to house a screw head snugly. These specific magnets’ design typically features a more diminutive central aperture, attributing to their popularity in magnetic fishing, with the heftiest models boasting near one-tonne lifting capabilities.

Powerful Ring Magnets

For those seeking an extremely potent magnetic force, there are primarily two options:

  1. Scale Up: Amplify the size of the magnet to increase magnetic strength, accepting the trade-off in weight and bulk.
  2. Material Enhancement: Opt for high-grade materials like neodymium or SmCo for a combination of a lighter weight with greater force. Do note these superior magnets come at a premium cost with the downside of lower corrosion resistance.
Halbach array ring magnet

Are you searching for something even more robust, like a power rating of 1.6T (16,000 Gauss)? The Halbach Array is your magnet assembly answer, offering staggering magnetic intensities, though it steps away from traditional ring magnet configurations.

What are Ring Magnets Used for?

Ring magnets are used in various applications due to their unique shape and magnetic properties. Here are some of the main uses:

Audio Equipment: Particularly those crafted from neodymium, these circular magnets are pivotal in the audio equipment, such as audio speakers and high-fidelity systems. They interact with an electrical current and a diaphragm to create vibrations that we perceive as sound.

Motors and Sensors: Ring magnets are utilized in various motors and sensors, including those used in automotive and other technology-based applications. Their distinctive shape enables effective interaction with other components, making them well-suited.

Science Experiments and Demonstrations: In educational environments, ring magnets are instrumental in showcasing the principles of magnetism. They are regularly used to demonstrate the repelling nature of identical magnetic poles visually.

Manufacturing and Holding Applications: Utilized extensively in different production workflows and fixation assignments, circular magnets provide flexible adaptability thanks to their capacity to fit seamlessly onto cylindrical structures.

Magnetic Therapy: Some believe wearing ring magnets as jewelry can benefit health. Theories suggest improving circulation, reducing inflammation, and promoting overall well-being. However, it is important to note that scientific evidence supporting these claims is limited.

Mechanical Attachment: For needs that require a dependable mechanical fastening approach, circular magnets are the go-to option due to their inherent feature of fitting effortlessly onto rods or pipes.

Ring Magnets Applications

Advantages Of Ring Magnets

A core advantage of ring magnets is their ability to generate a consistent magnetic field due to their symmetrical shape. They are compact and straightforward to implement in various configurations, offering a stronger magnetic force compared to equivalent-sized magnets. Their capabilities extend to being magnetized in multiple directions, and their versatility is matched by widespread availability.

More advantages detail are below:

Uniform Magnetic Field: The circular shape of these magnets, with a hollow center, provides a uniform magnetic field across their surface. This is advantageous for applications that require a consistent magnetic field.

Compact and Easy to Handle: Ring magnets are easy to integrate into various systems and handle during assembly processes due to their compact size and shape.

High Magnetic Pull Force: Ring magnets can have a stronger magnetic pull force than other magnets of similar size, making them ideal for applications that require strong magnetic fields.

Versatility in Magnetization: The ability to magnetize annular magnets in distinct orientations greatly enhances their versatility, rendering them apt for an extensive array of applications.

Broad Spectrum Availability: There are various options regarding sizes, shapes, and magnetic potencies of annular magnets, making them a versatile choice for various implementations.

Enhanced Motor Efficiency: Implementing radial magnetic rings within electric motors can bolster operational efficiency, amplify power output, and dampen vibrational interference and acoustic output.

Where To Buy Ring Magnets?

1. Local Outlets

Discover magnets in person at stores near you for immediate evaluation and procurement.

2. Amazon

Known for excellent service, although magnet grades may sometimes be a point of contention.

3. Specialist Online Retailers

  • Titan Magnetics
  • Buy Magnets
  • Magnet Shop
  • Super Magnete
  • K&J Magnetics
  • RS-components

4. Direct Manufacturer Purchases

For tailor-made magnet solutions, purchasing directly from the neodyymimagneetti valmistaja is the best bet to access specialized requirements like high-grade magnets, specific coatings, and unique sizes.

Connect with us for specialized magnet solutions aligned with your pioneering ventures, and obtain magnets that are effective and precisely aligned with your project requirements.

Why Choose Our Ring Magnets?

Enhanced Corrosion Resistance: Our custom-tailored neodymium ring magnets now come with advanced corrosion-resistant coatings, such as Ni-Cu-Ni and zinc, to suit the most demanding environments.

Precision Customization: We offer digital prototyping services to ensure the magnets you order are perfectly calibrated to your exact specifications and application requirements, ensuring a seamless fit into your innovative projects.

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