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Experience non-contact torque transmission with Magnetic Couplings, offering maintenance-free operation, zero-backlash precision, and vibration reduction, suitable for sensitive mechanical processes in various industries, from renewable energy to advanced manufacturing.

Our Magnetic Coupling Products

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magnetic drive coupling manufacturer

Reliable Magnetic Coupling Supplier

NeoMagnets provides customers with high-torque magnetic couplings in synchronous and eddy current drive options.

Our couplings are more powerful and efficient, and we offer standard and custom-engineered options. We work with industry-leading companies to meet their needs. We offer high-performance solutions to meet our customers’ mission-critical application requirements. Our magnetic coupling is designed, manufactured, and assembled in-house under stringent quality control and rigorous testing procedures.

We use CNC cylindrical grinders and laser cutting machines to ensure precision and quality. In addition, the facility includes equipment for dynamic balance testing, a vertical machining center, and a painting room.

Magnetic Coupling Definition

This website features a coupler that connects a large motor and transfers high torque without physical contact using magnetic couplings. It is important to note that this magnetic coupling type differs from the magnetic drive pump.

Magnetic couplings have become a popular alternative to liquid couplers in recent years. These couplings can be found in various locations, such as mining sites, cement plants, oil and gas facilities, and coal plants.

Magnetic Coupling Structure

There are two types of structures for these powerful couplings: disc type and drum type. Regardless of whether it is synchronous or eddy current, both disc and drum structures are available.

Magnetic Coupling Structure

Magnetic Coupling Working Principle

Torque is transmitted magnetically from one rotor to another through magnetic driving. Thin wooden plates can be inserted between the rotors without affecting torque transmission.

Advantage of Magnetic Coupling

Reduce Stoppages

No need to replace the oil seal and add oil.

Maintenance Free

No wear, and no maintenance concerns.

Easy to Install

Ability to tolerate large misalignments.

High Efficiency

Up to nearly 99% transmission

Our Magnetic Coupling Performance

Excellent Performance

Efficiency and strength are the two qualities that describe the functionality of a coupler. Magnetic couplings offer flexibility, reduced maintenance, efficiency, and cost savings. They are designed to meet the industrial demands of power transmission and conveying.
These products have several advantages, including no heat conduction, oil, or noise.
Additionally, they offer improved performance by at least 15%.

Improved performance by at least 15% without heat conduction, oil, or noise.

Magnetic Coupling Applications

Magnetic coupling technology has proven ideal for industrial applications such as cement plants, oil and gas facilities, coal plants, and generating stations. Our customer list is growing due to the considerable advantages of our product. We continue to innovate and are confident in delivering efficient solutions.

We are highly competitive in this industry. If you have any demand for magnetic couplings, we are always ready to support you because we have the most technologically advanced products and an excellent technical team.

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