Magnetiline trummel

Magnetic drum

Custom Magnetic Drums

Magnetiline tugevus: Kuni 12,000 Gauss

Trummi läbimõõdu valikud: Saadaval läbimõõduga 30 cm (12 tolli) kuni 91 cm (36 tolli).

Pikkuse variatsioonid: Alates 30 cm (12 tolli) kuni 183 cm (72 tolli).

Materjal: Tööstusliku kvaliteediga roostevaba teras

Mootor: Energiatõhusad mudelid alates 0,5 kuni 5 HP

Töötingimused: Võimaldab töötada temperatuuridel kuni 149 °C (300 °F) ja kõrge tolmu- ja niiskustasemega keskkondades.

Magnetic Drums Definition

A magnetic drum is used to remove ferromagnetic material from large batches of dry material. It is made up of a semicircular magnetic assembly, a circular steel housing, and a shaft. It uses hard magnetic materials to form a magnetic system. It has a strong magnetic field, a deep magnetic field, a simple structure, easy use, no maintenance, no power consumption, and no demagnetization after long-term use.

Types of Magnetic Drums

Single Drum

Ideal for basic separation tasks, the material flows onto the drum surface, and ferrous contaminants are captured and removed.

Single Magnetic Drum

Double Drum

It consists of two drums in sequence for improved separation efficiency; this setup allows for multiple passes over the magnets, increasing the purity of the output.

Double Magnetic Drum

Features and Benefits of Double Drum

High Durability

Constructed with robust materials that withstand harsh industrial environments and extend the life of the equipment.


Engineered to perform separation tasks using minimal energy, reducing operational costs and enhancing your sustainability efforts.

Versatile Size Options

Available in multiple sizes to accommodate different production volumes and spatial constraints, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific needs.

Adjustable Magnetic Field

Features an adjustable magnetic field to optimize separation efficiency for various materials.

Easy Maintenance

Designed for easy maintenance with quick access to replaceable parts, minimizing downtime.

Eco-Friendly Operation

Operates without generating waste, helping to reduce your environmental impact.

How the Magnetic Drum Works

The Magnetic Drum is ingeniously designed to facilitate the seamless separation of ferrous materials from various bulk products. It consists of a rotating shell powered by a direct drive system. As the drum spins, the powerful integrated magnets within the shell attract ferrous contaminants. These are held against the drum surface as the drum rotates, allowing clean material to fall freely for further processing or disposal. The separated ferrous materials are safely removed from the magnetic field at a designated point as the drum rotates, ensuring continuous operation without interruptions.

Basic Operation

A magnetic drum consists of a stationary magnet segment surrounded by a rotating shell typically made of non-magnetic material, such as stainless steel. The magnet creates a powerful magnetic field that extends across the rotating shell. As material passes over the drum, ferrous contaminants are attracted to the surface of the drum and held in place as the shell rotates. Meanwhile, non-magnetic materials fall freely from the drum into a separate collection area.

Magnetiline koost

The core of the magnetic drum is its magnetic assembly, equipped with permanent magnets arranged in a radial pattern to maximize magnetic force. The strength of the magnets, often measured in Gauss or Tesla, determines the effectiveness of the separation process. These magnets can be made from various materials, including rare earth elements, which provide a particularly strong magnetic field.

Why Choose Our Magnetic Drums

Unmatched Efficiency

Our magnetic drums are designed to maximize the capture of ferrous particles, even those as small as microns. This efficiency level ensures cleaner materials, better product quality, and less wear and tear on subsequent machinery.

Magnetic Drum Efficiency
Magnetiline trummel Kohandamine

Kohandamine vastavalt teie vajadustele

We understand that every operation is unique. We offer customized solutions tailored to your material types, flow rates, and separation requirements. Whether you need a single drum for a straightforward task or a complex multi-drum system for a comprehensive setup, we can configure the perfect solution for your needs.

Durable and Reliable

Constructed from the highest quality materials and designed to withstand the toughest environments, our magnetic drums are built to last. They resist abrasion, corrosion, and other common wear causes, ensuring they continue operating effectively for years, even in the most demanding applications.

Magnetiline trummel Vastupidav
Magnetic Drum Easy to Maintain

Easy to Maintain

Simplicity is key to our design philosophy. Our magnetic drums are easy to install and maintain, requiring minimal downtime for maintenance and cleaning. This reduces operational disruptions and maintenance costs, enhancing your overall productivity.

Eco-Friendly Operation

We are committed to environmental sustainability. Our magnetic drums operate cleanly, without the need for consumables like filters or chemicals, and help in recycling processes by recovering valuable ferrous materials.

Eco-Friendly Operation
Tööstuse juhtiv tugi

Tööstuse juhtiv tugi

Choosing our magnetic drums means gaining a partner dedicated to your success. We offer comprehensive support, from initial consultation and custom design to installation, training, and ongoing service. Our team is always ready to help you optimize your processes and achieve the best possible outcomes.

Magnetic Drum Applications



In the mining industry, magnetic drums separate iron and other magnetic minerals from debris and non-magnetic materials. They are crucial in the initial stages of mineral extraction and the final product refinement processes.



Magnetic drums help recover ferrous metals from mixed waste streams, significantly enhancing recycling efficiency. They are particularly useful in sorting metal scraps, electronic waste, and automotive shredder residue.


Toiduainete töötlemine

Ensuring food safety is paramount, and magnetic drums assist in removing metal contaminants from food products like grains, cereals, and spices. This not only helps in complying with safety standards but also protects processing equipment from damage.



Purity and compliance with health standards are critical in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Magnetic drums are employed to remove tiny ferrous particles from raw materials, thus ensuring the quality and safety of medical products.



Chemical manufacturers use magnetic drums to protect processing equipment and ensure the purity of chemical products by removing ferrous metallic contaminants that could catalyze unwanted reactions.

Plastics and Textiles industry

Plastics and Textiles

These industries use magnetic drums to clean raw materials during the production process, removing any ferrous impurities that can affect the quality of the final product and cause damage to the processing machinery.

Ceramics and Glass industry

Ceramics and Glass

Magnetic separation is critical in the production of ceramics and glass, where the purity of materials ensures the quality and integrity of the finished product. Magnetic drums remove iron contamination from silica sand, feldspar, and other non-metallic minerals.

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