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We offer a variety of magnetic assemblies designed for specific industrial applications. These enhance both mechanical and magnetic strength, with customizable options to meet unique requirements, thereby optimizing performance in various settings.

Magnetic Assemblies Definition

A magnetic assembly is a tool or system that uses permanent magnets and non-magnetic materials. A magnetic assembly can provide more force to a ferromagnetic load or create a strong magnetic field in a specific space.

Types of Our Magnetic Assemblies

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Magnetic rods are specialized magnetic assemblies engineered to attract and capture ferrous particles and contaminants in various industrial processes.

A magnetic drum removes ferromagnetic material from large batches of dry material. It consists of a semicircular magnetic assembly, a circular steel housing, and a shaft.

Grate magnets are specialized magnetic separators designed to extract ferrous metals from free-flowing materials. They enhance product purity and protect valuable processing equipment from metal damage.

A magnetic pulley is a type of magnetic separator that integrates seamlessly into an existing conveyor system to extract ferrous metals from a flow of raw material.

Advantages of Magnetic Assemblies

Enhancing Mechanical Strength

Inherently brittle magnets are problematic for sintered Neodymium, Samarium Cobalt, and ferrite magnets. Shock can make magnets lose volume, which makes them weaker. Non-magnetic materials like metal or plastic protect the magnets. Non-magnetic material also makes the magnetic system stronger. Enclosed solutions like over-molding, ultrasonic, or laser welding can meet harsh environmental requirements.

Enhancing Magnetic Strength

The main benefit of magnetic assembly is that it increases magnetic strength. Magnetic assemblies can generate much higher magnetic strength because the flux conducting parts are integral to the magnetic circuit. Flux-conducting parts can increase the magnetic flux and guide it to a specific region. Also, magnetic assemblies cost less than other options. Both the pot magnet and the Halbach array are great for this. A magnet in a pot magnet is much stronger than on its own. With Halbach arrays, the magnetic field in a specific region can even exceed the remanence of the permanent magnetic material.

Mounting Mechanisms for Holding Applications

Non-magnetic parts in magnetic assemblies can be mounted in different ways.

Neo Magnets designs and optimizes conventional magnetic assemblies using simulation and experience. As demand for custom magnetic assemblies grows, so does the need for expertise in material choice and fabrication methods. Neo Magnets can make all kinds of permanent and soft magnetic materials and metal injection molding (MIM) parts. We also integrate different materials to provide complete magnetic assembly solutions for our customers. Neo Magnets is also interested in civilian magnetic assembly projects.

Why Choose Our Magnetic Assemblies

Quality & Performance

Our magnetic assemblies are built with high-quality materials that ensure superior performance in challenging environments.

Customizable Solutions

We specialize in providing tailor-made magnetic solutions to meet the unique needs of our customers.


Our magnetic assemblies are designed to offer maximum functionality while being cost-effective.

Expertise and Support

With years of experience in the field, Neo Magnets provides unmatched expertise and customer support.

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