Imán N52 vs N55

¿Qué imán es más fuerte que el N52?

In magnet technology, magnet strength and efficiency are crucial factors driving innovation in various industries, from consumer electronics to renewable energy solutions. Neodymium magnets are among today’s most powerful magnets, and they are known for their exceptional magnetic properties. Enthusiasts and professionals often ask, ‘What magnet is stronger than N52?’ This article delves into the world of high-grade Neodymium magnets, exploring the possibilities and advancements beyond the widely recognized N52 grade.

Imán N52 vs N55

Understanding Magnet Grades

The grading system for Neodymium magnets is denoted by the letter ‘N,’ followed by a number. This number is not arbitrary; it represents the magnet’s producto de máxima energía, measured in Mega-Gauss Oersteds (MGOe). Essentially, this figure indicates the potential magnetic strength of the magnet. The scale typically ranges from N30 to N52, with higher numbers signifying stronger magnets. However, the quest for even stronger magnets does not end with N52.

¿Qué imán es más fuerte que el N52?

The N55 grade neodymium magnet is considered stronger than the N52 grade. N55 magnets are currently the strongest grade of commercial neodymium magnets available, with a strength measurement range of 24 MGOe to 55 MGOe, making them approximately 5-6% stronger than N52 magnets.

Comparison of N52 and N55 Magnets

FeatureImanes N52Imanes N55
Fuerza magnéticaUp to 52 MGOe (Mega-Gauss Oersteds)Approximately 55 MGOe, about 5-6% stronger than N52
Resistencia a la temperaturaTypically up to 80°C before losing magnetic propertiesSimilar to N52, up to 80°C temperature resistance
CosteHigher cost due to complex manufacturing and high-quality materialsSignificantly higher than N52 due to additional manufacturing complexities
AplicacionesRenewable energy, automotive, consumer electronics, industrial machineryIdeal for space-limited applications requiring maximum magnetic force, advanced technological applications such as aerospace and military
VentajasHigh magnetic strength suitable for a wide range of applicationsHigher magnetic strength allows for more compact designs in critical applications
LimitationsLimited in high-temperature environmentsCost and similar temperature limitations as N52, despite higher strength

How Strong Are Neodymium N52 Magnets?

Neodymium N52 magnets are among the strongest permanent magnets available due to their maximum energy product (BH)max of 52MGOe. They are known for their powerful magnetic field and pulling force. The magnetic strength of N52 magnets is almost 20% greater than that of N42 magnets and over 50% greater than that of N35 magnets.

Which Is Stronger N42 or N52 Magnet?

The magnetic strength of N52 magnets is almost 20% greater than that of N42 magnets. The maximum energy product (BH)max of the N52 magnet is 52MGOe, while the N42 magnet only has 42MGOe.

Are N52 Magnets Stronger Than N35?

N52 magnets are absolutely stronger than N35. The magnetic strength of N52 magnets is almost 50% greater than that of N35 magnets.

Are There Magnets Stronger Than N52?

Yes, there are magnets stronger than N52, such as the commercially available N55. N55 has an energy density about 5-6% higher than N52. However, the N55 magnet is less commonly used due to its higher cost. N52 magnets are widely used in various applications because of their high energy density, temperature resistance, and demagnetization resistance.


Exploring magnets stronger than N52 reveals a fascinating frontier in magnet technology. N55 and potentially higher grades offer new possibilities for various applications. Although challenges remain in cost, temperature sensitivity, and production scalability, advancements in this field promise to drive innovation and efficiency across industries. The pursuit of technological excellence is exemplified by the search for stronger magnets and their endless possibilities.

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