aplicaciones de los imanes de disco

¿Para qué sirve el imán de disco? La guía completa para 2024

Disc magnets have become the most commonly used and versatile magnet shape thanks to their high strength, small size, and relatively low cost. But what exactly are disc magnets used for?

In this comprehensive guide, as a professional disc magnet manufacturer, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know about disc magnet applications across home, school, commercial, industrial, and medical uses. By the end, you’ll have a full understanding of what makes disc magnets so popular and how their unique properties lend themselves to so many different projects.

aplicaciones de los imanes de disco

What Are Disc Magnets?

Disc magnets, sometimes called disk magnets, are circular and flat in shape. Their diameter is larger than their thickness, giving them a wide surface area despite the small size.

This shape gives disc magnets the largest magnetic pole surface area relative to their volume out of any magnet type. The wide pole area concentrates the magnetic field lines, resulting in an extremely strong magnetic flux density.

Simply put – disc magnets pack a lot of magnetic punch for their size!

Disc Magnet Materials

While their basic shape is the same, disc magnets can be constructed out of different magnetic materials with distinct properties. Common options include:

  • Neodimio (NdFeB) – Made from an alloy of neodymium, iron, and boron. Neodymium magnets are the strongest type of permanent magnet commercially available.
  • Cobalto de samario – Made from an alloy of samarium and cobalt. Samarium cobalt provides high resistance to demagnetization and can operate at higher temperatures than neodymium.
  • Alnico – Made from an alloy of aluminum, nickel, and cobalt. Alnico magnets are more easily demagnetized but are very inexpensive per magnetic flux output.
  • Ceramic (Ferrite) – Made from a composite of strontium oxide and óxido de hierro. Ceramic magnets are inexpensive but have lower magnetic strength than rare earth options.

Disc Magnet Properties

Thanks to their geometry and high magnetic flux density, disc magnets have properties that make them useful across many applications:

  • Strong – High magnetic field strength allows disc magnets to exert considerable forces.
  • Compact size – Thin profile permits installation/mounting in tight spaces.
  • Range of sizes – Available anywhere from a couple millimeters to several inches in diameter.
  • Temperature resistance – Some materials (like samarium cobalt) retain magnetism at high heat.
  • Affordable price – Simple geometry makes disc magnets very cost effective.

With an understanding of what disc magnets are and what makes them unique, let’s look at some of the most common disc magnet applications.

What Is Disc Magnet Used For?

Uses of Disc Magnets at Home

Around the house, disc magnets provide convenient magnetic fastening and holding in various DIY and home organization projects. Here are some of the top ways to utilize disc magnets at home:

Refrigerator Magnets

Small disc magnets are perfect for hanging photos, art, lists, and more on refrigerators and magnetic whiteboards. For a fun twist, glue decorative items like wine corks to one side of the imán de disco to create custom refrigerator magnets.

Removing Batteries

Damaged devices often trap batteries that cannot be removed by hand. Placing a imán de disco against the battery compartment provides an easy method to pull even stuck batteries out.

Stud/Wall Locating

Disc magnets can be used to find drywall studs beneath the wall surface for hanging shelves or heavy items. Slowly slide a disc magnet over the wall until it sticks to drywall screws/nails.

Magnetic Knife Holding

Mounting individual disc magnets or magnetic knife strips enables handy storage of kitchen, hobby, and art knives. Keep sharp utensils safely up and out of the way.

Securing Items in Place

Temporary attachment using disc magnets prevents shower curtains, drop cloths, and other items from shifting out of position.

Science Experiments

Disc magnets serve as ideal components for elementary/middle school science experiments that demonstrate magnetic fields and interactions between magnets.

Disc Magnet Uses for Business

Commercial and industrial enterprises utilize the unique benefits of disc magnets for various applications:

Magnetic Signage/Displays

Point of purchase displays often require frequent reconfiguration and updates. Using disc magnets embedded within signage provides convenience for modifications.

Magnetic Doors

Large disc magnets with alternating polarity can be embedded within swinging doors. The magnetic attraction keeps doors closed until pushed open.

Route Flow Control

Burying a grid of disc magnets under a factory floor or warehouse enables wireless guidance of automated carts/vehicles by altering polarity.


Disc magnets properly arranged create high gradient magnetic fields to separate magnetic and non-magnetic particles in industrial flow systems.


Integrating disc magnets into sensors takes advantage of how they alter surrounding magnetic fields when forces are applied to the magnet itself.

Disc Magnet Uses for Education

Educators often utilize disc magnets to clearly demonstrate key scientific principles regarding magnetism:

Magnetic Field Visualization

Placing a imán de disco against glass/acrylic and adding iron filings offers students a way to visualize the complex magnetic field lines.

Electrical Generation

Wrapping coils of wire around a disc magnet then oscillating the magnet pushes/pulls electrons through the coil, generating electricity to power small devices.

Levitation Experiments

Levitation occurs when the natural repulsion force between like poles of two disc magnets balances the weight of one magnet. Students can explore factors enabling sustained levitation.

Magnetism Competition

Comparing how many paperclips various disc magnets can lift introduces students to differences in magnetic strength and the concept of variables.

DIY Compass

A rudimentary compass can be constructed by placing a imán de disco on a cork floating in water. The magnet orients itself along Earth’s magnetic field lines.

En conclusión

By now, you should have a much clearer understanding of what disc magnets are and the many clever ways they are utilized on a daily basis. Their versatile shape lends itself to creative applications across households, industry, scientific research, and education.

Whether you’re hanging photos or harnessing magnetic attraction for commercial systems, disc magnets provide a portable source of strong permanent magnetism perfect for the job.

So the next time you see a disc magnet in action, you’ll know exactly what makes this staple of magnetism so popular!

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